The main assumption of our designs is universality, timelessness, but above all, quality. We are our first customers, so before a specific model goes on sale, we always test it ourselves, and we are quite strict in this respect. Because we know no compromises when it comes to comfort and aesthetics, and in our clothes we feel not only beautiful, but also ready to conquer the world.

We know very well that modern women are constantly on the run from the morning and have many roles to juggle - they are the best mothers for their children, successful businesswomen and great friends who sometimes also like to think about themselves and go out for a drink or a drink. two ;). We want our collections to help them in this and to emphasize their natural beauty and femininity. We don't choose clothes, clothes with the MKTP label are supposed to make you feel comfortable and best in your skin, and most importantly, you can wear them from morning to evening.

My Country So Beautiful includes local projects - from lining to finishing. We cooperate with craftsmen who are dedicated to their work and full of ideas. We make each piece by hand with the same passion and attention to the smallest detail.

MKTP is natural and breathable cotton. If the cut requires it, we try to find a golden mean in the form of a small admixture of viscose or elastane. But cotton remains our queen among materials. We say no to artificiality and clothes that are embarrassing in everyday situations.

MKTP creates for everyone who approaches life with distance, loves comfort and at the same time wants to emphasize their expressive style.